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Open Access Communication
Antiviral Mechanisms of Vitamin C
by Nsaku Nswadi
There isn't a COVID-19 vaccination or particular antiviral drug available yet. In order to preserve lives and stop the disease's spread, a readily available, efficient, and secure therapy is desperately needed. Acute respiratory distress syndrome plays a major role in COVID-19 death rates. The characteristic of acute respiratory distress syndrome is markedly elevated oxidative [...] Read more

Open Access Journal Article
Formulation and evaluation of medicated microemulsion for topical application
by Mohamed E. Abdelrahim , Ahmed Abdelbary  and  Mahmoud Ghorab
Backgroungs Microemulsion is a clear thermodynamically stable dispersion of two immiscible liquids with carefully adjusted emulsifier(s). It can be used as a vehicle for many different drugs and dosage forms. Methods To formulate a microemulsion for topical use from cheap components a pseudoternary phase diagrams were constructed with formulae consisting of paraffin oil, cos [...] Read more