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International Journal of Clinical Medical Research

E-ISSN: 3005-480X

An international, open-access, peer-reviewed publication with a focus on general medical research and clinical practise is the publication of our journal. This magazine intends to publish articles on clinical medical sciences and clinical practise, preventive medicine, epidemiology, healthcare research, and translational medicine that are written academically and based on evidence. Given that the articles' contents are relevant to clinical applications, articles covering cellular, molecular, and animal investigations are also taken into consideration. Each article undergoes thorough peer evaluation. Clinical medicine research and practice-relevant novel findings should be presented in manuscripts as original articles, editorials, reviews (including systematic reviews and meta-analyses), short communications, case reports, letters to the editor, meeting summaries, book reviews, and video data.

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Open Access Communication
A new chance for online science communication education and learning through TikTok
by Rawiri Mikaere
IJCMR  2024, 30; 2(3), 30; 10.61466/ijcmr2030005 - 25 May 2024
The COVID-19 pandemic practice of social distancing has led to an increased usage of social media, which has highlighted the importance and potency of social media for effective science communication. As a result, it is now just as crucial to educate and acquire the skills necessary to use social media for science communication in an accurate and efficient manner. In response, [...] Read more

Open Access Communication
Antiviral Mechanisms of Vitamin C
by Nsaku Nswadi
IJCMR  2024, 29; 2(3), 29; 10.61466/ijcmr2030004 - 25 May 2024
There isn't a COVID-19 vaccination or particular antiviral drug available yet. In order to preserve lives and stop the disease's spread, a readily available, efficient, and secure therapy is desperately needed. Acute respiratory distress syndrome plays a major role in COVID-19 death rates. The characteristic of acute respiratory distress syndrome is markedly elevated oxidative [...] Read more

Open Access Journal Article
Relation between ABO and RhD and prevalence and severity of COVID-19 disease
by Ahmed M. Khalaf , Marwa O. Elgendy , Alzhraa M. Fahmy , Sara O. El Gendy , Ahmed O. El-Gendy , Mona A. Abdelrahman , Ali H. El-Bahrawy , Ahmed Mohammed M Elsisi  and  Shafiq Naguib Shafiq
IJCMR  2024, 28; 2(3), 28; 10.61466/ijcmr2030003 - 07 May 2024
Backgrounds: This study aims to determine the relation between ABO and RhD and the prevalence and severity of COVID-19 disease. Methods: Data of 495 SARS-CoV-2 infected patients admitted to hospitals were collected. The ABO and RhD were determined for each patient to detect any possible relation between the prevalence of SARS-CoV-2 infection and each blood group. The patien [...] Read more

Open Access Journal Article
Formulation and evaluation of medicated microemulsion for topical application
by Mohamed E. Abdelrahim , Ahmed Abdelbary  and  Mahmoud Ghorab
IJCMR  2024, 27; 2(3), 27; 10.61466/ijcmr2030002 - 05 May 2024
Backgroungs Microemulsion is a clear thermodynamically stable dispersion of two immiscible liquids with carefully adjusted emulsifier(s). It can be used as a vehicle for many different drugs and dosage forms. Methods To formulate a microemulsion for topical use from cheap components a pseudoternary phase diagrams were constructed with formulae consisting of paraffin oil, cos [...] Read more

Open Access Review
Studying the association between some genetic polymorphisms and Doxorubicin-Induced Cardiotoxicity
by Enas A. El-Shorbagy , Amira B. Kassem , Noha A. El‑Bassiouny , Ahmad Salahuddin  and  Nermeen Nabeel Abuelsoud
IJCMR  2024, 26; 2(3), 26; 10.61466/ijcmr2030001 - 01 May 2024
Anthracyclines are a crucial component of chemotherapy regimens used to treat a range of malignancies in children and adults. However, cardiac dysfunction and heart failure frequently limit the therapeutic efficacy of anthracyclines. The risk of heart dysfunction increases with increasing doses of anthracycline. Cardiotoxicity is a challenging side effect of DOX, which is cumul [...] Read more

Open Access Short Note
Prospects and epistemic challenges for using Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformers in higher education evaluation
by Lucas Pedro
IJCMR  2024, 25; 2(2), 25; - 12 March 2024
Every academic institution is shaken by the recent development of Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer, and although we still don't fully grasp all of its potential and hazards, it is worthwhile to offer some first analysis. Academic prospects for Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer are unparalleled because of its remarkable human-like skills, which outperform the majori [...] Read more

Open Access Short Note
COVID-19's effects on undergraduate medical education
by Beatrice Alessio
IJCMR  2024, 24; 2(2), 24; - 05 March 2024
Worldwide, medical education has been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. As academic institutions endeavor to impart medical knowledge through innovative approaches, this ongoing education guarantees the future workforce of the National Health Service (NHS) is well-versed. When developing new medical curriculum, innovative approaches to online instruction and online delivery [...] Read more

Open Access Short Communication
Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer uses in the future regarding clinical and translational medicine
by Mical Michael
IJCMR  2024, 23; 2(2), 23; - 05 March 2024
An artificial intelligence-driven Chatbot called Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer, created by Open artificial intelligence, is making waves in many industries. Its foundation in the Generative Pre-trained Transformer language model is where its name originates. The most promising aspect of Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer is that, compared to other artificial inte [...] Read more

Open Access Journal Article
Effect of resident participation in ophthalmic surgery on wound dehiscence: A meta-analysis
by Yan Guo
IJCMR  2024, 22; 2(2), 22; - 04 March 2024
Background: Meta-analysis research was implemented to appraise the effect of resident participation (RP) in ophthalmic surgery (OS) on wound dehiscence (WD). Methods: Inclusive literature research until April 2023 was done, and 645 interconnected researches were revised. The 7 picked researches, enclosed 4224 OS persons were in the utilized researchers' starting point, 2189 of [...] Read more

Open Access Review
COVID-19 pathophysiology: A review
by Liqiang Zhou  and  Shuxing Xing
IJCMR  2024, 21; 2(2), 21; - 25 February 2024
In December 2019, a novel coronavirus, now named as SARS-CoV-2, caused a series of acute atypical respiratory diseases in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China. The disease caused by this virus was termed COVID-19. The virus is transmittable between humans and has caused pandemic worldwide. The number of death tolls continues to rise and a large number of countries have been forced to d [...] Read more