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Issue 4 (September)

Vol. 2 (2024), IJCMR

2 articles

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Open Access Journal Article
A meta-analysis looking at the effects of continuous management for complications related to intraoperative pressure wound ulcers in women with breast cancer
by Ruei Gu  and  Guoemei Xu
IJCMR  2024, 31; 2(4), 31; 10.61466/ijcmr2040001 - 09 July 2024
Backgrounds A meta-analysis research was executed to appraise the effect of the continuous intervention for intraoperative pressure wound ulcers (IOPWUs) associated problems in breast cancer (BC) females. Methods Inclusive literature research till March 2023 was done and 436 interconnected researches were revised. The 8 picked researches, enclosed 1267 BC females were in the [...] Read more

Open Access Journal Article
A meta-analysis on the use of photobiomodulation to regulate gingival wound healing in addition to periodontal therapies
by Yaieo Koang
IJCMR  2024, 32; 2(4), 32; 10.61466/ijcmr2040002 - 10 July 2024
Background: A meta-analysis research was implemented to appraise gingival wound healing management by photobiomodulation as adjunctive management to periodontal treatments. Inclusive literature research till April 2023 was done and 908 interconnected researches were revised. Methods The 9 picked researches, enclosed 517 periodontal disease persons were in the utilized resear [...] Read more
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